Rigid therapy and pickles - 25 years Diabetes, we celebrate silver wedding

Last week, the Sail took place in Bremerhaven. An event that comes only once every few years in the seaside town, and I regularly visit since the first Sail 1986, provided that it is possible. This year, I have unfortunately not managed in time. The Sail but I associate also diabetes, especially with the Sail 1990. Superb weather, sailing ships, sailors and Elendiger thirst. I have virtually hand over hand me a drink stall to the next. En couple of days later I was in the hospital. Mutti had already reported eimmal about it.

The whole thing is in this month exactly 25 years ago! The Diabetes Sau and I celebrate this month quasi silver wedding anniversary. 25 years a long time. At the time a lot can happen. Who would have ever on the Internet (as we know it today) and smartphones in mind? And what has changed in 25 years Diabetes Therapy? Intrinsic light much, and actually then again little. Well, at least still is no way to control blood sugar and insulin. In 25 years I have been the way to the catapults me already about 83000 needles the body. See for yourself. The times of rigid therapy but fortunately yesterday's news. But healing? Nope. People shoot to the moon? Jap!

Rigid therapy and pickles - 25 years Diabetes, we celebrate silver wedding
Diabetes 1990 vs. Diabetes 2015
Glucometers big as bricks, 2 minutes measurement duration. But a drop of blood was needed, which one also could call drops. When lancing device I had at the beginning of the lancet, I rammed my finger or ear without device. That requires a little practice to the small flat bare metal part not too deep to ram under the skin, because sometimes resembled the blood sugar measuring almost a small Mass Acker. And today? Small glucometers which spit out the result in seconds, virtually pain-free lancing devices and CGM, of course, not to forget.

Diagnosed with diabetes in adolescence
Blu blub, kick kick. On (the) Lake Garda and at the competition. Shortly before the diagnosis 1990 levels. I started then with normal disposable syringes. Needle length 12mm. No idea how much gauge, but the needles were definitely thicker than today, and not so easy flutschten as they do today and hinterließnen a few unsightly holes. Eventually I switched then to a pen (in modern beige), the insulin did not have to be mixed, but that also meant 2x splash. For me, the first pump got it then 2000th

Pickles and sweet cherry tomatoes as a snack for the children's birthday party. A solid meal plan. Fixed amounts, fixed times. Whether hungry or not. 9: 30h and 11: 00h, was the time for a slice of bread and vanilla cloud diet from Dr Oetker. From time to time "diabetic sweets". The not only tasted horrible, but also not very good impact on digestion. I remember Gummi Bears and chewing gum, which fell into crumbly items during chewing. Only the yoghurt chocolate bar from Schneekoppe I found OK. Is there even today. 

Rigid therapy and pickles - 25 years Diabetes, we celebrate silver wedding

At least they were a good alternative to the soybean seeds with pepper seasoning that there was to nibble. I think it was about 1993 when the thing with the diet for type 1 diabetes a little changed, and I can still remember my first Milka chocolate bars I ate after diagnosis. And added, by the rigorous schedule of last year, that was even a little fear associated with my blood sugar could completely fall apart. Of course he did not do. Today there are for us type 1 diabetics no restrictions with regard to the diet. And that's a good thing. For me, good food has a lot to do with quality of life. Refrain does not exist for me. To keep blood sugar under control, it is to try and learn.

Actually, I hate the word. Makes me kinda feel ill. A few times I was in such a "self-help group". But that was actually more for parents. Sometime been there once cooked and baked together. Everything "diabetic friendly" course. Today I take part regularly in a diabetic-Stammtisch. Without sugar-free cookies for me beer and good food and nice by talking shop somewhere in a pub or restaurant. And do not forget, "self-help" will take place today almost exclusively online. Facebook, Twitter, forums and blogs. I would claim that diabetics are informed by the exchange with the diabetes online community far better than it was then about diabetes. The community is always there, day and night. And not just on a specific date once a month. Sometimes these online community meets but also in "real life", such as on the T1 Day, I will also moderate in 2016 again. Save the Date ;-).


San Francisco - 2nd half marathons in 3 days - hypo-free
Ok, a real convenience and one of even one was, but somehow then not again. But times from the beginning. Just over half a year, my sister and I have spontaneously signed up for the San Francisco half marathon. So really spontaneous. You: "Do we want to go along?" I: Joooa why not !? "You:" Ok, then I sign up "I". Ok, I also "A few minutes and a few clicks on, and we were! on the list. Urgs. My first half marathon. And even through hilly San Francisco. At my plan to keep strictly to a training plan I could not fulfill, and so I krebste around one week before the race at 15km various reasons. Granted, I had a little jitters that I rather crawl to the finish (if any) would probably run as. There was also this jet lag and the fact that I'm just not a morning runner, but rather in the evening deny my kilometers through woods and meadows. Just stupid, that the launch of the San Francisco Marathon should fall at 5:30 clock. Not my time. In short, I did not feel adequately prepared. Not at all.

Carb Loading with fries and burgers
For that reason, I was a little unsure about how I should do that at this time the best with the blood sugar. Since indeed play quasi Felt 357469203 matters a role. Fasting blood glucose, the excitement (adrenaline) and the associated increase in blood sugar, the Morgengupf ... Arrrrrr. On the eve before the race there was again tidy carbohydrates. In the American-style course. Burger and Fries at the diner. Said carbohydrates made then also fine night noticeable. Despite Dual Bolus I could not catch the rise in the early morning hours enough and stood at 4:30 with a blood sugar of 260mg / dl on. The foresight that he would rise due to the excitement even further there was a small bolus. The as guessed actually was a dog and the BZ did not change until the start. But that did not matter, because as I felt on the safe side.


3 days with the 640G - The end of an era Nutella?
I'm a little in love. And it was almost love at first sight. Last weekend I had a few other eigeladen and Medtronic insulin pump support to Medtronic Meerbusch to accept the new MiniMed 640G under the microscope and of course to test also.

I must admit, I have a purely external love with me right away, but eventually yes count the inner values. This is not a detailed review, but actually more of a spontaneous cry of enthusiasm, particularly relating to the new feature, namely the SmartGuard.

SmartGuard? SmartGuard: Based on your with the Enlite sensor measured glucose values ​​SmartGuard® can calculate 30 minutes in advance, when you are approaching a low blood sugar and stop insulin delivery then automatically. When your glucose levels are stabilized SmartGuard automatically takes insulin delivery on again.

What first sounds a bit like science fiction, really works. That I was able to test the first night with the pump. In the evening there was a relaxed atmosphere in a few drinks. Alcohol usually ends with me in a nasty nasty Hypo. Not because I did not know how to handle the matter of the sugar, pump and alcohol, but simply because I often forget the basal rate to change accordingly. And so evenings where there is alcohol, mostly nights with several blood sugar checks and Freßorgien.

MiniMed 640G unboxing
But not that night. Thanks SmartGuard the pump has time stopped insulin delivery and let me sleep through hypo free. Hello There? How cool is if you please? At first, it makes a little nervous when the pump announces that they now first stops insulin delivery, but it will be sure to get used quickly, especially if you realize that it works. Of course, this does not mean that it is possible to avoid any Hypo with the SmartGuard, because that of course greatly depends on how much insulin as still "on board" is.

Those who do not just mercilessly miscalculated in carbohydrates and injected vast amounts of insulin, which the SmartGuard can certainly help his hypos reduce a good deal.
Personally, I'm excited to see how the case is in sports and am looking forward on further testing.

If that actually everything still works so wonderful, I will definitely miss my Nutella orgies and the jelly beans beside my bed to eke out a lonely existence and eventually shrivel like dried fruit miserably.


Why I can not be separated from a 20-year-old pants
Diabetics pants ... case one diabetic pants. Well, something like that at least. There are a few things that I can separate difficult. As this öddelige pajama Büx for example. The pajama pants I have already quite a long time. At 20 years, it would almost be. Actually, she is much too large, worn the cuffs and the color no longer has much to do with the original state. Yes I know. No eye candy.

Why it can not be separated from the part of me? She has a decisive advantage to the least pajama pants may have, which can be pretty handy for insulin pump carriers but. Bags! And by that I mean for once no handbags or pockets normal (quite uncomfortable when lying on the side), but in each case a pocket on the outer sides of the trouser legs. It is the insulin pump wonderful place and I can turn around and turn as I want without me somehow einwickle me in the hose or felt lay on the insulin pump.

Actually, I think so absolutely nothing from these pumps clothes that can be found in the network and are equipped with more or less hidden pockets for external insulin apparatus. There are exceptions: sleep clothes and running apparel. 

There are pockets extremely handy for the insulin pump. Because especially while running, it is not so easy to store his whole shebang. My 5 tips to store the insulin pump or CGM while running, can be found here. Just recently I received from Medtronic a super good running shirt with pumps bags. Will I imagine sometimes even in a post. Until then, I'll throw myself further in my baggy Büx. In this sense, good night. Sweet Dreams.
Running on the beach in the morning
I just walk into uncharted territory. And running technique. As I have already said often times (and if not, then I do that now), I am the absolute night-runners. Just stupid that most running events take place in the morning. Running in the morning was always the horror for me, even school sports I then almost hated when he was held in the morning. At a casual drive-lap before the work was never previously thought.

Last week I was on leave, and have the chance taken the tackle with the morning exercise again.
And what the offers better than the Danish North Sea beach just after sunrise? The first task was but to settle the matter with the blood sugar. My fasting values ​​are usually between 90-120mg / dl. Not exactly an optimal value to tear a few kilometers. 

However, I need every morning to Morgengupf which the stand-up phenomenon (attention, not to be confused with the Dawn phenomenon) counteracts.

This I have omitted a precaution on my first morning run time, because sport strengthened as we all know, the insulin action. The pump I have also stored. Insulin free in the morning run virtually.

Beach of  Denmark
My journey started with a 120. At first everything went amazingly well, but then began what I had actually expected. Nausea, heavy legs, general listlessness. Yep, that's why I do not like sports in the morning. That's why! 'M Just not as the Early Bird. In addition, the blood sugar began to rise promptly and leveled off at 190mg / dl, but what was actually Ok.

The nausea read after a short break and a deep breath of fresh sea air after luckily, and I slowed my pace anyway worm-like (beach walking is harder than I thought) a little more and tortured me downright goal.

Rapid increase in blood sugar after running
Even though I was running rather flop as a top, I somehow also enjoyed him in a way. Well, the wonderful setting has certainly contributed a great extent. Beach, wind, sea, waves crashing, seagulls ...! Besides, I have no sport requires MUs, which I found very pleasant.

2 days later I got my second attempt started without any significant improvement. However, my many morning runners have assured that the body needs to get used to it, if he is accustomed normally durchzustarten the evening and the morning otherwise rather runs on the back burner. Well then, hope dies last.

My blood sugar is the way again risen sharply after two rounds. With the increase in blood sugar after exercise I've still struggling, although I've played around a lot. And though I have injected me after each morning run equal to 5 units (which is far higher than the actual insulin deficit by placing the pump), I could not avoid the blood sugar increase to 300mg / dl. Actually, I would give the bolus shortly before the repayment unit, unfortunately I forget but as often.
Diabetes is "no big deal" - right?
Considering the species of pancreatic healthy, so I sometimes have the feeling that they differ in only 2 features. Some are curious and interested. Ask them what it means to have diabetes, why has diabetes, such as the treatment looks like and how it lives with it. I like them.

The other think diabetes is "no big deal". I do not like less therefore. They do not know otherwise. To be honest, diabetes is not a "big deal". But I can only say probably because I grew up with it, a lot of things that you are doing so every day (must do), are already long gone in flesh and blood.

Recently I was professionally a few interesting people. People who live their dream by helping other people here to realize their dreams. What does this have to do with diabetes? A quote of the "Dream Developer", which went something like this:

Just because I do not every day miserable if I do not know again how to pay my next purchases, which does not mean that it's not me busy. I invest my energy only not in the thought of it, but rather use them for something more meaningful.

The situation is similar with diabetes in my opinion. Just because I can not constantly miserable as stressful and sometimes grueling be or it constantly "showcase", that does not mean that everything is super easy and "No Big Deal". It does not help me to let me pull down thereby. The energy I can really use better.

I myself realize it though barely, but increases have diabetes every day a lot of time to complete. Time and effort, which does not implement the "No Big Deal" representatives. Especially the thought of it. Geplane and Gerechne often plagues the diabetes everyday ... Hey, after all, we have to take over the tasks of our diabetic pancreas, which has more or less decided sometime lay down their work. An ordinary day with diabetes looks to me something like this ...


Insulin ... If not now, then when?
When Open Journal meeting in Taunus, I noticed that the "splash" absolutely were outnumbered among the participants. I play so long ago with the idea of ​​switching to the pump, but somehow I could not bring myself to struggle through the issue really tackle.

DC on Monday after the weekend in Hofgut Georgenthal I am informed about the current pump models. For me actually just 2 pump models are suitable. Either the Accu Chek Combo by Roche that the Ilka has, or the Medtronic VEO 754. All I've been reading about the insulin pump has convinced me. Let's see how I decide if I think both times in his hands.

Today me Medicum Hamburg has recalled and we immediately agreed an appointment for a trial basis. Before the various pump models are imagined. After talking I get the Accu Chek Combo as Leihpumpe to familiarize myself with a pump. I'm pretty excited to see how it feels so with pump. Should I convince the trial wearing, the next steps will be discussed with my doctor. Because want to have a pump and a pump are getting two different pairs of shoes. As is known, a pump therapy is not cheap and will be approved by the whole in many cases, only with much emphasis. What did you do so for experiences with the pump application made? Were there any complications?


Diabetes, thoughts, insights, fancies
What? The year is already to go back? Sky, I somehow went all too quickly this time. To be honest, this year was not mine. I have worked a lot, had diabetes moderately traveling a lot. Which of course is good, but my free time has fairly suffered, did little sports and many canceled appointments. Then there was the thing with the teeth to and some other things that could be better run.

That is at least before an intent for next year. More time for me. I will write this year no summary of the events, because I and you ncht wants me bore you with old stories. Instead, I'll indulge me a few days out, put your feet up, long sleep, take a deep breath and set me before to an exciting new year.

But still preliminary, as usual a few thoughts, insights and ravings from 2014:

♥ Scotland is wonderful
♥ the closer you get to the bathroom, the more urgent it is
♥ live your days instead of counting the years
♥ in America everything is bigger. even the BZ and trend display on the Dexcom.
♥ Why should today be anything Carb Low? When listening to this trend?
♥ if diet for religious or even an obsession ....
♥ antibiotics make pimples
♥ I have in 2014 entered the soil from 5 countries
♥ Only the Good Die Young
♥ Learning is better than renounce
♥ My blood sugar has something against coconut milk
♥ something goes wrong just because
♥ I will continue to eat animals and carbohydrates
♥ rather itself be creative instead of copying others
♥ Self-pity is as useless as water against high blood sugar levels
♥ I would have to take more vacations to
♥ I need more sea
♥ stand on the hose is suboptimal for bellhousing
♥ for my 2 new teeth I could buy about 1375 large glasses of Nutella
♥ if you let grapes are long enough raisins are draus
♥ vegans are no better people
♥ life is no pony farm. Horse but I do not like so much eh.
♥ you will not getting any younger. Really not.
♥ Why do some diabetics so rebellious when they esses something sweet ???
♥ I think sometimes faster than can speak
♥ the self-confidence of some people is truly amazing
♥ the sneaker collection grows. And that's a good thing.
♥ I need to see more of the world
♥ 2015 may now
♥ ...
Blood sugar plummeting at lofty heights
That relaxation is a positive effect on blood sugar and already no secret in my Scotland trip in October I could clearly feel. After the Weihnachststress was over, I am more or less spontaneously decided to end of the year and to make even the beginning of the year to address a transition low. So rented hut, packed suitcase and from the mountains. No, not this time for skiing, but just relaxing and doing nothing. How the presents so ... snow hut on the mountainside, socks, books, cocoa ... .läuft!

Good, the arrival was a bit adventurous as always if one opts for the German course. And so I reached my destination after 11 hours, 2 hours later than planned. Well, the following days were more relaxed. Ausschalfen was definitely agenda item number 1. The rest was totally without a plan. Spontaneous precisely. Mainly relaxation.

Lo and behold, on the second day I was moderately constant blood sugar is plummeting, on the third and what I then set my Basal for the rest of the time down. What I did, however, significantly underestimated or forgotten ... Running in height is definitely strenuous than in the lowlands. Phew, now I've stayed 7 years in the mountains, but that I would get so out of breath, I had repressed in fact well. Anyway, the lap was refreshing. Mountains, freezing temperatures and snow. Wonderful.

Running in Schneeee
A few days later I started in bright sunshine in Mittenwald, hiked over to Leintal Lautersee, and from there up to the Kranzberg. 10km, 500 meters in altitude and all this without Hypo, let alone any of Extra BE. Secretly, I think yes, that the diabetes sow something quite Fieses in shields and feels now first to make a cuddly pig, and then eventually gets out the hammer. My average blood sugar over time in the mountains was the way 118mg / dl. Can I live with.

Walking in the snow - Juchee
What has incidentally not yet calmed down my skin. Once I had to take an antibiotic during the dental thing total almost 3 weeks, I see just like a pubescent teenager. Bravo. And the lady at the pharmacy said still to make matters worse, that it may take a few months until the skin recovers after antibiotic treatment. How motivating. Not!
If the diabetic is ...
In Munich everything was good! We had spent New Year's Eve in the mountains and I had to change on my way to Hamburg and had in Munich. Ilka had a few days to relax drangehängt and had remained in the mountains.

When I boarded the train in Munich and arrived in the compartment, was pretty cold to me, although the heating was at level 4, also I got a sudden cough and body aches. And from hour to hour and station to station I was feeling a bit lousy.
My blood sugar rose continuously. Alone on the way from Munich to Hamburg I made almost 30 units correction and increased my basal rate by 50%. Finally arrived at home, I just wanted to sleep. I then did. And long.

Over the next 4 days I have only about 6 times measured my blood glucose (Shame on me), all measurements to 300mg / dl. The correction had then mostly so pi times made thumb and then put me back to bed. I just had no motivation to take care of my diabetes. When I think about the nachhinhein, it was perhaps a little negligent, I could easily slip into a ketoacidosis and this is no longer funny, especially since I am also been alone at home.

Sometimes it's just out of distress, that the diabetes simply hires the back and if temporarily the blood sugar is not so good, then it's just like that.
Blood Brotherhood campaign
Do you have a person in life who is always there for you, you with advice and practical help, have experienced the great things you already, or with their best buddy just you?
Great, then makes with with in the blood brothers campaign.

"Over millions people in this planet, including many children, must receive daily insulin injections to treat their diabetes. For the exact dose of insulin to check your blood sugar. But they stand up to 8 times a day in the fingers. Who gets diabetes as a child, has done this unimaginable until the end of his life 200,000 times.

The campaign "We are blood brothers" to help ensure that people who have to live with diabetes every day get more acceptance. We have a dream! Together with you we want to collect the blood brothers campaign in addition to better acceptance and donations for Patient-Oriented Diabetes Research. Please help us to realize this dream! "

Some might even learn to Facebook from the Blood Brothers campaign, those who were on the T1Day in Berlin anyway. Read All information about the campaign can find, load the card down and, most importantly, upload your photos. And do not forget to post the images on Facebook and to nominate other persons. Just as the blood brothers campaign can be viral !!!

I was nominated by Steff and did the same to me snatched my pal Jan and squeezed him with a thick blood brothers drop from the fingers. �� Now it's your turn. Howgh!
Spare a Rose, Save A Child - a hope can save lives
Spare a rose Save Child. Roses, tulips carnations ... .all flowers wither. Or so says an adage. When flowers wither, it is actually not more than that they die. And what have the flowers now to do with diabetes? Not only flowers are dying. Even children. From diabetes. And that must not happen.

We can complain niht, because we are well supplied with insulin and all the necessary medicines and tools that allow us to treat diabetes and to lead a normal life. But that is not anywhere in the world like this.

Valentine's Day is coming up, and thus to distribute a good opportunity for the diabetes community (#doc) around the world a little love. And that's super easy and just a few clicks away.

The "Save a Rose, Save a Child" campaign (behind it Life for Child / JDRF) collects this year money for children with diabetes in developing countries to provide them with the vital insulin and test strips available.

Been 5 € for a child with diabetes insulin and test strips for a month! Need to support the campaign nothing be done further, as virtually to buy a rose. Or 2 or 3. The more roses, the more lives!
Here it goes directly to the rose sale. Along Who wants to learn more about the campaign here.

Finn and I have already bought a few roses. Dear All, dear community ... there are still plenty of roses there, and especially enough children in urgent need insulin!

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